Guidelines for choosing Breadth Elective:

Criteria for choosing breadth electives:
Students in the New Curricula can choose any subject from the parent department, other than Departmental Core (Depth Core) and Departmental Elective (Depth Elective) or from any other department, subject to satisfying the level criteria and pre-requisite criteria.

Level Criteria:
Students at 2nd year cannot take 600 level subjects, i.e., the subjects starting with 6 number (e.g.,CS60001 etc.), except those offered by Rekhi Centre of Excellence in Science of Happiness and Humanities and Social Sciences.

Pre-requisite Criteria:
As prescribed by the subject teachers for a specific subject, if any At present on ERP-Academic->Subjects->Breadth List for Current Semester: displays few subjects. However, a student can select any other subject in addition to those listed under Breadth List as per the criteria mentioned above. Note: For some of the subjects,there may be a constraint in terms of maximum intake.